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Want your Nickelsville area church listed here? Email us pictures from your church like the ones above. Provide a front view of your church, any signage and a photo of your pastor if they approve. Also include the information in the center column above (church name, address, web or facebook url etc.) Send this email to contact@townofnickelsville.com
Nickelsville United Methodist Circuit
11675 Nickelsville Hwy

New Hope UMC               9:00 am
Culbertson's Chapel      10:00 am
Nickelsville UMC           11:00 am

Pastor: Faith Ramer
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Nickelsville First Baptist Church
11606 Nickelsville Hwy

Sunday School               10:00 am
Early Worship                  8:45 am
Morning Worship           11:00 am
Evening Worship             6:00 pm

Pastor: Steve Collins

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