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Town of Nickelsville Virginia Nickelsville Churches

Want your Nickelsville area church listed here? Email us pictures from your church like the ones above. Provide a front view of your church, any signage and a photo of your pastor if they approve. Also include the information in the center column above (church name, address, web or facebook url etc.) Send this email to
Nickelsville United Methodist Circuit
11675 Nickelsville Hwy

New Hope UMC               9:00 am
Culbertson's Chapel      10:00 am
Nickelsville UMC           11:00 am

Pastor: Faith Ramer
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Nickelsville First Baptist Church
11606 Nickelsville Hwy

Sunday School               10:00 am
Early Worship                  8:45 am
Morning Worship           11:00 am
Evening Worship             6:00 pm

Pastor: Steve Collins 

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