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Town Charter

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Question: Are water bills due on a certain day every month?
Town: Yes. Water bills should be paid by the 20th each month.
Question: Can I come to the town council meetings?
Town: Absolutely. Private citizens can attend any town council meeting.

Town Government

>Mayor & Town Council
Election Information

Next town election
  Mayor - May 2018
  Council Members - May 2018
Next state election
  Governor - Nov. 2017
  State Senator - Nov. 2015
  State Representative - Nov. 2015

Next national election
  President - Nov. 2016
  U.S. Senate - Nov. 2016
  U.S. Representative - Nov. 2016

Jul. 2014

Jun. 2014

Aug. 2014

May 2014

Town Hall  


Town Staff

Rebecca Bryant, Mayor


Danny Dixon, Vice Mayor

Teresa Sluss, Treasurer


​Aneisha Stidam, Water Operator

  water  276-479-1406

Jim Stidam, Wastewater Operator

sewer  276-479-3375


Margaret Castle, Office Administrator


Town Council Members

Loretta Joplin, Clerk

Wayne Sluss

Gary Cox

Liza Fox-Mills

Sharon Craft Castle

​Taxes & Fees

Residential (in town)
Water                     $17.00 base charge   
                              $0.0045 every gallon over 1000 gallons
​Sewer                     $17.00 base charge
                              $0.0050 every gallon over 2000 gallons
Residential (out of town)
Water                     $17.00 base charge + $7.00 fee 
                              $0.0045 every gallon over 1000 gallons
​Sewer                     $17.00 base charge + $7.00 fee                                            $0.0050 every gallon over 2000 gallons

Water                     $56.00 base charge
                              $0.0045 every gallon over 7500 

Meal tax:          3.5% 
​Hotel tax:         5.0%      all room & lodging rentals
> Business License 
Retail:             $0.14 per $100.00 of Gross Receipts
​Wholesale:      $0.05 per $100.00 of Gross Receipts
Professional:   $0.41 per $100.00 of Gross Receipts
Contractors:   $0.11 per $100.00 of Gross Receipts
Utility:            $0.50 per $100.00 of Gross Receipts
Other:             $0.25 per $100.00 of Gross Receipts

Real estate:            $0.11 per $100.00

Council Meeting Minutes 

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Sep. 2014

Answer Me This...

If you have a question for anyone on the town staff, send it to contact@townofnickelsville.com. Although every question won't be posted, if the answer is something that everyone needs to know, we'll post your question and the town's answer here. Thanks for participating!
Contact the town Treasurer Teresa Sluss with questions: treasurer@townofnickelsville.com
> Explanation and status of top projects
Town Council meets the first Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at the town hall
New well project
Increased water capacity for Nickelsville and its residents. The new well is projected to go on line late 2016.
Nickelsville Healthcare Complex
Offices for local dentist, pharmacy, PT-OT and wellness center. Pharmacy and Wellness Center open. Efforts continue for other services.
​The Mayor and all members of the Town Council that serve the town of Nickelsville are elected by the residents of the town every four years. These elected officials carry out many duties including establishing and adhering to a town budget, acting as human resources for employees of the town, set and collect taxes and fees to sustain town operations, research requirements and secure grants and other funding for special projects for the town, and much more. In the truest sense of being a public servant, they  perform these duties for the good of the town and its citizens as they receive only a token salary.

​Current Projects