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Perhaps you have some time on your hands and good Internet skills and would like to do some research on the people and events that helped shape Nickelsville and the surrounding area. Send us your history facts.

Special challenge to history students and teachers. Can you take this on as a special research project? AWESOME!

You may already know of some web sites that we could link to that has great stuff about yesteryear.

If you can help, please do! Send us an email to with whatever you have that can be added to our history page. Include your name if you want to be credited.

Contributors so far: 4
Maybe you have some (perhaps very) old pictures of our area in the attic.  
​Do you know something about Scott County or Nickelsville history? Want to share?

This page will be added to on an ongoing basis. We'll try to keep it in some sort of good order as our crack team of volunteer historians continue to send stuff in. We'll keep a counter going of how many different people send in useful material. Hopefully this will turn into a great community effort!

Gotta start somewhere so...

Keith Nichols has an abbreviated History of Nickelsville  that mostly tracks the genealogy of the Nickels family but does have the incorporation date of Nickelsville set at 1878.

​Over at Genealogy Trails , they have a veterans census for Nickelsville from 1890 with surviving soldiers and the windows of others who did not survive while in service during the Civil War. They also have an interesting page on some of the geographical names  in Scott County. 

The Scott County Historical Society, Inc.  has quite a collection of historically significant information.

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