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"They did their part, with a brave heart."
"Remember those who served. All gave some, some gave all."
"You answered the call and gave it your all. We are grateful."
"Got freedom? Thank a soldier."
"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."
"Remember, freedom has a price."

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Keith Memorial Park was dedicated on Oct. 21, 2000, and consists of 17-plus acres of land purchased by Scott County for development into a recreation park. From the beginning, the park has been developed by volunteers. An authentic log cabin, available for rental for public and private use, is the focal point of the park. At the entrance of the park stands the War Memorial, several magnificent African black granite monuments honoring all Scott County soldiers who have lost their life in battle - dating as far back as the Indian wars.

Facilities in the park also include a one-mile walking trail in a beautiful, natural setting; playground equipment, a Little League baseball field, the Twin Springs High School baseball field, a paved basketball court, an amphitheater, a concession stand, and picnic areas including two covered shelters and several individual picnic tables.

Directions: Take a right at the corner of Jones and East Jackson Street in Gate City. Proceed approximately 13 miles on highway 71 North, and take a right onto Spartan Band Drive as soon as you enter Nickelsville.